Just Say No to Obfuscated Legislation

Any programmer would be appalled by how legislation is created. It defies the rules of good, clean code.

First of all, code is supposed to do one thing and do it well. Legislation becomes jam packed full of amendments and deals that benefit special interests. It becomes a discombobulation of unrelated laws that only teams of lawyers can unravel.

Second, patching code should not replace good design. If a law is of bad design, it should be repealed not patched up with new legislation. One example is the Affordable Care Act. All it does is patch the existing legal code. It does not address the underline problems, the inherent bad design.

Third, code should always have documentation that explains what each part of the code does. You should never execute code that you do not have any idea what it will do. Nancy Pelosi’s argument that we need to pass it in order to see what is in it is ludicrous by all programming standards. How can we know there is no malicious logic buried in it if we cannot read through it and easily decipher what each and every piece does.

Sign the petition today and tell Congress to apply the principles of coding to legislating. 

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