During the LP* primaries, the work of Judd Weiss was especially intriguing and interesting. To quote Judd Weiss, “we need to re-imagine something better.” While we can bicker all day about how the LP is going the wrong direction with the Johnson/Weld ticket, I find it much more constructive to work on something I am more passionate about. I care about the future. I care about education. I care about preparing young people for the future. I care about coding education.

I believe that there are many parallels between coding and liberty. Mostly, they both require imagination. It is difficult to imagine a world with more liberty. It is also difficult to imagine yourself writing your first program or first line of code. Both are personal journeys of discovery.

While personally I find Scratch to be the best place to start for beginning coders, Python is a great next step in coding education. One game that has captured the imagination of the younger generation is Minecraft. To build on the Weiss theme which closely resembles that of Burning Man, I decided that our first project as Coders for Liberty is creating a Minecraft Burning Man using Python. Find us on GitHub and start coding. You will find links to resources in the readme file. You can also refer to our level three training page, GitHub & Python.

*Again, not endorsing the LP; Just paying attention and learning.

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