Other parties may pay lip service to diversity. However, the Libertarian Party [LP] is a party that lives it. The LP is the only party that would have such a wide range of candidates that would include Darryl Perry and Derrick Reid. While many ideas proposed by candidates like Reid are not libertarian in the least, the Libertarian Party still allows virtually any minority viewpoint to be expressed on their  debate stage. The Libertarian Party is a bastion of free minds, free thinking, and free speech.

Libertarians are not purists. There is not one single pure strain of libertarianism. Libertarianism is the Linux of political parties. There is a flavor of libertarianism for everyone. If you disagree with every other proposed set of libertarian principles, you are free to formulate your own. Yes, there will be countless individuals that will debate with you about each and every point in your philosophy to encourage you to consider every possible angle. You will always have guides and mentors that will help you develop your philosophy at every turn.

The Libertarian Party will never be mainstream. It will always be a diverse group of individuals arguing the finer points of a myriad of solutions for the future of freedom. The LP must embrace that and not try to fit some mold defined by the mainstream. The LP must continue to innovate, propose new ideas, and endlessly bicker about the feasibility and philosophical implications of each idea. That is the Libertarian Party difference.

The problem with trying to find the most palatable strain of liberatarianism to present to the general population is you can only pick one candidate. There is not just one strain of libertarianism that is going to touch the hearts and minds of everyone. Everyone has different experiences and different ways of looking at the world. There is not one media production or one candidate that makes the best possible argument that is the most palatable to every single individual.

Gary Johnson could very well touch the hearts and minds of people who love to rock climb. Bill Weld could very well touch the hearts and minds of people who see the finer points of globalism. Larry Sharpe could touch the hearts and minds of people who have lived through the civil rights movement and have seen the impact of Jim Crow. Austin Petersen could touch the hearts and minds of people who listen to Glenn Beck. Judd Weiss could touch the hearts of those who see something wrong and want to imagine a better world. There simply is not one way forward. To say so is to deny the true strength of the LP, its diversity and marketplace of ideas. Keep it weird.

Coders for Liberty does not endorse the Libertarian Party. We just pay attention and learn from them.

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