void politics(time, energy, money)

This just in: Coders for Liberty posts about politics and no one cares. For anyone who is not a member of ALEC, politics is a void function that takes your time, energy, and money and returns nothing. Politics is a big black  hole that periodically sucks you back in and reminds you why you quit. For some, the cycle of political relapse mirrors that of an abusive relationship. For others, it actually becomes an abusive relationship.

If you watch MSNBC, all you hear is Trump said this horrible thing; Trump did that horrible thing. When you turn on FOX News, all you hear is Hillary said that horrible thing; Hillary did that horrible thing. The Republicans blame Obama. Obama blames Bush. Bush blames Clinton. Clinton blames Bush. And for some reason, Republicans revere Reagan as a saint. I am not sure why exactly. But go ahead and ask them. They would love to tell you all about it. I’ll wait. Are they done yet? Oh, they’re still talking. How about now?

Everyone wants to talk about Jobs, as if government creates these jobs. This idea that government policy could alter the number of jobs should actually be a worrisome proposition. It should lead people to reconsider that role of government altogether, especially when the unemployment and underemployment rates are high. If government’s role is create jobs, they do a terrible job at it. We always need some new fix, another patch on the government run jobs program. We need a minimum wage. We need corporate tax cuts. We need this policy in place. That law passed. We need another law to fix the other law that caused the entire system to implode on itself.

What we really need is to promote marketable job skills. We need to get people coding. We need to get people inventing. We need to get people building. We need people to dream and change those dreams into something no one has ever seen. Programming is one of the quickest and easiest ways to take an idea and turn it into action. That’s why I started Coders for Liberty, to help give people a taste of what freedom can be like by helping them learn how to code.

I have looked at the numbers. It is clear that a majority of people are deadlocked into the lesser of two evils mindset. It is doubtful that Gary Johnson and Jill Stein will be able to break this duopoly. In polls where both third candidates are listed, it appears that Jill Stein takes more votes away from Gary Johnson than she does from Hillary Clinton. That tells me that the majority of Americans are not informed voters and would rather vote for someone that they absolutely hate than explore other options. It is a sad realization.

I watch politics like other people watch football. I consider myself an arm-chair political strategist. It’s an interesting hobby. However, expressing my opinions on politics has no impact on it whatsoever. People I have known for a while dismiss my arguments in favor of maintaining and perpetuating the myth of the lesser of two evils. I understand, there is just too much pressure to vote for one over the other because of the utter indecency displayed by at least one of the candidates. Who knew that trolling and flame-baiting would be effective political strategies.

I bid the political realm farewell and hope that it does not suck me into its vortex again. I will instead focus on developing the skills needed to help build a brighter future. In my opinion, coding education is the foundation for the future. I hope you join me and together we will learn more.

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