The Future of the LP is Weiss not Weld

I know I said I was done with politics, but this is a plea to be less political and promote the talents and abilities of individuals. This is good advice for any organization, not just the LP. The greatest impact John McAfee had on the LP primaries was his choice for a running mate, Judd Weiss. John’s greatest strength is identifying the talent within the organization and the talent not being fully employed by the organization.

Judd Weiss is like many libertarians, he has worked with the LP long enough to realize how draining and destructive politics can be and how it can tear people apart instead of bringing them together.The problem with the Libertarian Party is it tries to function like a political party, the very thing that all libertarians are fed up with.

Politics is the art of undermining the value of the individual. Politicians convince you that you need them to lead you, that you cannot possibly do this on your own. We need to build a coalition. Stop complaining and come together. We need you to speak through me. Let your voice be heard this November by voting for me. It becomes about the politician. The individual becomes nothing more than a vote. People are divided into demographic groupings. Politics leads to collectivizing and group think. Individuals who want to make a statement are marginalized if political leaders believe that statement does not appeal to massive amounts of people.

John McAfee took a completely different strategy, a libertarian strategy, he encouraged Judd Weiss to say everything he’s been dying to say in an impressive media campaign. He empowered Judd to rebrand the campaign and it shows. McAfee trusted in Weiss’s ability and the libertarian message. McAfee took Weiss’s concerns to heart and started an initiative to address those issues.

The problem with Gary Johnson’s choice for a VP was that Weld came from outside of the party. The message that he made with that choice was that he did not see the talent in the LP. Every time Gary Johnson says “Socially liberal and fiscal conservative,” he is saying he does not truly believe in the message of liberty. That is why libertarians have had difficulty finding it within themselves to support him. He has not convinced us that he believes in liberty. He has not convinced us he believes in the LP.

This idea that the LP is so dysfunctional that outside people need to come in and save it from itself is destructive. The LP does not need a white knight to ride and save it. The LP is full of capable  and talented people who just feel marginalized by politics.  The Libertarian Party needs to save itself from the pitfalls of politics. It needs to stop holding back its members and telling them to water down the message. It needs to empower  its members to scream louder like McAfee empowered Weiss to be awesome.

The LP does not need to recruit Republicans that were not successful as Republicans. Whatever strategies they may have used before obviously don’t work.  The LP needs its own ideas. The LP needs to think outside the box of politics. The LP needs to promote the talent that is buried within itself not sift through the GOP’s garbage heap. The LP needs to reignite their fires of liberty the way that McAfee reignited the fire of liberty in Judd Weiss. Stop being a political party and be libertarian. See the potential of the individual. Empower it.

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