Distracted by Trifles

One of the most memorable scenes of Howard Stern’s Private Parts is when the anti-Stern program director gets the ratings and finds that people who are anti-Stern actually listen to Howard more than people who like him. The same goes for Miley Cyrus, whose twerking was promoted more by those who disliked her antics than by her supporters. The same goes for Donald Trump who gains more media attention from the hatred he spews than anything else.

And yes, the people who complain about James Weeks little dance number at the Libertarian Party convention have done more to bring attention to it than the people who did not mind it. The fact of the matter is most people do not watch C-SPAN. Most people are not going to tune into C-SPAN to watch the Libertarian Party Convention. I am sorry. It is not a popular channel. The fact is most people did not even hear about the Libertarian Party Convention or James Weeks. I did not hear about the James Weeks dance number until I heard people complaining about it.

But people won’t dismiss the LP simply because James Weeks danced. They won’t decide to not vote for Gary Johnson or refuse to even bother to Google him because James Weeks did a dance number. No, they’re too wrapped up in whatever nonsense they are focused on to do that. They’re too busy tweeting about the awful things that Donald Trump said. They’re making plans to write in Bernie Sanders. Heck, you’d be hard-pressed to convince a Hillary supporter to try to use Gary Johnson to swing the election in a red state so Hillary has a chance to win or a Bernie supporter to even consider looking at Jill Stein.

Weeks is not even on their radar; unless, maybe, they listen to neo-soul music. Even then, I doubt they would open a video with this thumbnail. Anyone who would reject the ideas of liberty because James Weeks did a little dance was just looking for an excuse (as Adam Kokesh explained in one of his live chats on Facebook). Anyone who is posting it and sharing it has probably already rejected the Libertarian Party for some other reason and is using Weeks merely as a way to confirm their bias. Any argument they would make based on Weeks is a weak argument:

I was going to vote for Gary Johnson because I wanted to end all the wars. However, James Weeks was dancing, so I voted for Hillary, even though she voted for a war just so she could find out it was a mistake.

Try that with any libertarian position and major party candidate:

I was going to vote for <Libertarian candidate> because I wanted <Libertarian Position I agree with>. However, James Weeks was dancing, so I voted for <major party candidate>, even though <major party candidate’s position>.

Then tweet it with the hashtag #WeakArgument

Liberty requires people to see the best in people. In order to believe in liberty, you need to have faith that people can and will “be excellent to each other.” Any true libertarian would say Weeks was not hurting anyone. Yes, we would have preferred that Weeks made a well-thought out argument for the message of liberty, but that’s no reason for us to attack him or harass him or troll him or attempt to silence him on social media. We need to have faith that he can improve. We need to have faith that he is capable of greater things. Otherwise, all this fighting for liberty is for naught. If libertarians cannot see the potential in Weeks, how can we convince others to see the potential in their fellow man to build a more peaceful, productive, and prosperous society.

The solution is clear, Weeks needs another chance to prove himself. He needs a Web Redemption. Please sign the petition to make this happen and show the world that you believe in the power of the individual to learn, grow, and succeed. Also consider signing the petition by #votedifferent to reinstate James Weeks II’s LP membership.

Let us not be distracted by trifles. Let’s focus on the issues. War is Hell. #votedifferent

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