Hour of Code

I would like to thank everyone for following and listening to the important things I have to say about whatever it is I’ve been talking about. I would also like to welcome you into the coding world and invite you to tinker around with it a bit. Let’s start with an hour of code, just a mere 60 minutes. You can take your pick.

Do you want something fun and not too terribly difficult?

Try the Foos. If you like platform games and Mario Maker, keep playing it. It gets really fun when you unlock the game design.

Or try code.org and play with some popular characters.

Or do you want something a bit more free and less instructive?

Try Scratch

Or do you want to skip all that kiddie stuff and start learning a programming language?

I’d say start with Python

But you can also start with JavaScript at Codecademy  or Khan Academy. I’m not sure why Codecademy uses JavaScript instead of Python for their hour of code. Maybe I am wrongfully biased toward Python.

You can do either one on CodeCombat, if you’re into RPGs.

Just try it okay. Maybe you’ll like it. But you won’t know until you try it.

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