How Facebook Picks the Posts You See

In recent years, Facebook has changed the way it decides what content the user sees. I noticed this while working with Songs of Freedom and Spirit of the Indies. The methods used to promote content no longer worked. Now it seems like you need to purchase advertising in order for anyone to see a page’s content in their newsfeed. Facebook told Tech Crunch that they are focusing on keeping users happy on Facebook and giving them the content that they want to see. They provided a simplified formula that initially reminded me of the aggregate demand formula.

V = I*P*C*T*R
I = user interest in the creator.

P = the post performance among other users

C = content creator's past post performance among other users

T = type of post the user prefers

R = recency

*And about 100,000 other factors

In the past, images tended to be more popular. However, if a user likes a lot of the text based statuses that their friends post, Facebook may be more inclined to show that a text based status. You may need to post a variety of content to see which type of content your audience prefers.


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