Be a Human Tire Fire #VoteDifferent

According to Pew Research, most voters do not actually support the candidate they support. They just don’t want the other candidate to win. Only 24% of voters are pro-Clinton. Only 17% of voters are Pro-Trump. This makes Gary Johnson’s 11% seem half-way decent. He’s really only 6 points behind Trump.

Clinton voters Trump Voters
Pro-Clinton Anti-Trump IDK Pro-Trump Anti-Clinton IDK
24 26 1 17 23 1

This is crazily unacceptable. We shouldn’t vote for someone just because we don’t like someone else more. If the anti-Trump people and the Anti-Clinton people both decided they had enough of the 2 Party System and voted 3rd Party, that would be 49% of the vote.

Unfortunately, hate is blinding. Hate is what is keeping the two party system going. The hate is so overwhelming that comedian Sara Benincasa calls people who won’t vote for Clinton human tire fires.

Sara Benicasa drums up fear of what Trump may do based on what Bush did. However, it does not quite add up. Benincasa uses No Child Left Behind as an example, but Hillary doesn’t say we should repeal it. Rather, Hillary claims to have been a key member in shaping NCLB.  The 3rd Party candidates like Gary Johnson and Jill Stein would be more likely to cut NCLB. Unlike Hillary, Jill Stein is against testing, and Gary Johnson is against federal government involvement in education. Even Donald Trump, who wants to reduce the size and scope of the Department of Education, would be more likely to end NCLB than Hillary. Sure, Hillary would make changes to NCLB, but probably not drastic changes since she agrees with testing. Benincasa also mentions abstinence only, but I don’t think Donald Trump is that big on abstinence. However, I cannot find his stance on this issue. I’m guessing it is not an important issue to Trump. These do no seem like reasons to vote for Hillary.

Benincasa asserts that Bush and Gore were about the same anyway and even Bernie would bomb the same people Hillary or Trump would bomb. Benincasa is right that there are “no saints” and that every president has killed innocent people with any act of foreign aggression. This is why you MUST vote different! Jill Stein and Gary Johnson are both more adamantly anti-war than Bernie Sanders.** Even if they don’t win, your vote sends a signal to the two major parties that you are sick of their wars!

The more votes that third party candidates get, the more likely that the major parties will adopt a more humble foreign policy with fewer bombs. Believe it or not, there is anti-war sentiment in both parties. By voting third party, you amplify these voices. The more the major parties see that their warmongering is costing them votes, the more likely they will be to change their positions.

And while I cannot believe I am saying this, but it could be argued that Trump is closer to Bernie than Hillary is when it comes to military intervention. Trump and Bernie agree that military intervention has unintended consequences. Due to the efforts of Ron Paul and others, non-interventionism has become more popular among conservatives. You can help this trend continue by voting different.

Sara Benincasa closes with the statement, “Get with the [forking]* program.” The program is the problem. Turn off the program. We need to light those human tire fires and tell them we are sick of their program. We are sick of the turd sandwiches. You do NOT deserve to be condescended to. You are the agent of change that will forge a better future and re-imagine something better. Stop letting fear and hate run your life and be the basis of your decisions. Don’t throw your vote away on hate and fear. Be bold. Be different. Be a human tire fire. #voteDifferent.


*Explicative changed to promote Git.
** Bernie Sanders only says to be more choosy when it comes to drone strikes.



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