Some Truths Are Hard to Accept

[Note: this is not a pro-Trump article. Please read the last 3 paragraphs]

I did not want to admit it, but I have come to realize that Walter Block was correct, Trump is slightly better when it comes to war & peace when compared to Hillary. The fundamental difference between Hillary and Trump on foreign policy is that Trump is focused on America not being ripped off and Hillary is focused on “smart powers.”

When it comes to nation building and military intervention, Donald Trump just does not see the pay off. He would rather let Russia deal with Syria and let China deal with North Korea. He realizes that there were unintended consequences of the military action in the Middle East and calls them into question. He just does not see the pay off for the United States after spending $5 trillion. Since he doesn’t want America to be ripped off, he’s less likely to be the world police and try to intervene in foreign affairs where there is likely no benefit to US interests. He wants the United States to focus on defending the United States, not trying to solve the world’s problems.

Hillary, on the other hand, wants to expand the War on Terrorism and “step up efforts.” While her smart powers concept includes diplomacy, it also includes “military might.” While both Hillary and Trump want to get tough on China and Iran, Hillary would be more likely to have an antagonistic relationship with Russia.

Am I saying you should vote for Trump? No. I am saying that if your number one issue is peace, Hillary is not your candidate, and she isn’t even the lesser of two evils on what matters most to you. Look at the third party candidates. Tell others to look at the third party candidates. Explain to them what is at stake. Don’t let yourself get so wrapped up in hatred and fear that you do not even bother to look at all the candidates on the issues. Look at Gary Johnson and Jill Stein.

The pro-Hillary vote is only 24%. The pro-Trump vote is only 17%. If the anti-Trump and anti-Hillary voters decided that they weren’t going to vote for either one, it would be 49% of the vote that would be for a 3rd party candidate. Even if you split it between Stein and Johnson evenly, they would both get 24.5% of the vote. It can happen. You just have to think different. You just need to break free of the two party system lie and the lesser of two evils myth. You can be the change. You can make a difference. You can vote different. Spread the message.

Even if Johnson or Stein do not win, your vote will still matter. If Hillary or Trump realize they almost lost because of the 3rd party vote, they will be more likely to adopt the positions of 3rd party candidates, such as peace. Do not think that they won’t. They have already adopted medical cannabis. Donald Trump is already adopting non-interventionism to a degree. One thing I can tell you about Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is they are willing to pander and change their positions. It doesn’t matter who wins. It matters how much of a potential spoiler effect the 3rd parties have. That’s what will really make a difference in the future on the issues.

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