Data Trapped in a Well

According to John McAfee, we should be looking at internet polls instead of traditional polls because a lot of people do not have landlines. A lot of people get their news online. Millennials are more likely to check social media to find out what’s trending. However, due to issues with algorithms on social media like Facebook creating echo chambers, information can become quite skewed.

Here’s an internet poll that gives a very different picture of the Presidential race. However, this view seems to be that of a Libertarian echo chamber and not voters in general.


Since sampling is not controlled or random, sampling can be skewed on an internet poll. However, this poll does give a breakdown by age and sex and the number of respondents of each demographic, so you can at least see how the data is skewed. It can also give you a pulse of which demographics are interested enough in taking an internet poll and sharing it. While it does include responses from outside of the United States, there really are not enough to really skew the data. Besides, it breaks down the data by state anyway and that is more helpful in Presidential polling. The color coding is somewhat irksome. I changed the color coding to more appropriate colors in the screen shots.
The main problem with this poll is it is likely being shared more by Gary Johnson supporters. Hillary Clinton supporters will probably take the poll, but won’t share it. This could indicate how there is a bit of an echo chamber on social media platforms like Facebook. This could indicate that conservatives are more likely to be in the Libertarian echo chamber than liberals are or that liberals who are in the Libertarian echo chamber are more likely to vote for Johnson than conservatives in the Libertarian echo chamber.
There also are not as many people over the age of 45 taking this poll. People over 45 are more likely to vote than voters under the age of 45. This could indicate that get out the vote strategies could really help Libertarians gain votes. Libertarians must convince the large base of supporters age 25-34 to get out and vote to have the greatest impact in the election.

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