Forget the Polls

I know I have been talking about the polls a lot. The point of all those posts was to look at the numbers differently and look for trends others may have missed. However, as John McAfee points out, there’s flaws in traditional polling, and there may be an underrepresented demographic that could alter the results of the election by voting harder. Also, the social media echo chamber may limit the reach of internet polls to an audience that tend to support the same candidate.

Polls are often wrong. A demographic that ordinarily does not go out to vote in droves may decide to #voteDifferent and  upset the delicate balance of Kent‘s precious polling data.

In the 1998 MN Gubernatorial race, Jesse Ventura started out polling at around 10% and it doubled to 21% by October of the race. No one expected him to win. However, no one thought to include high school seniors in the polls. I cast my first vote ever for Jesse Ventura, and he won.

Polls are meant to gauge the outcome, not to determine the outcome. You should not let polls determine how you vote. That would be like telling yourself you’re bad at math because your 3rd grade teacher told you were bad at math. You’re not bad at math, and your vote is not predetermined by RCP, PPP, or Rasmussen. You are a radical element in a chaotic storm of data. Pollsters only wish they knew what you were thinking and how you will vote.

You can change the paradigm and turn the world upside down like I did when I voted for Jesse Ventura in 1998. No one owns your vote. You do not owe your vote to anyone. You owe it to yourself to research the candidates and think for yourself. Actually take the time to look at the candidates on the issues and see who you really side with. Don’t let anyone tell you to despair. Don’t let anyone tell you have to compromise and vote for the lesser of two evils. That’s yesterday’s news. Let’s re-imagine something better.

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