Politics is Boring

Harvard’s Institute of Politics [IOP] polled 1000 U.S. Citizens ages 18-29. They discovered that young voters aren’t very excited about their choices. While young voters are more likely to support Gary Johnson, they are not very enthusiastic about him.

Gary Johnson is polling at 13% with voters 18-29. However, he’s polling at 15% when you include non-voters. He polls better among whites, males, and Hispanics.

Clinton Trump Johnson Undecided
Likely Voters 45% 23% 13% 19%
All 18-29 34% 17% 15% 33%
Male 31% 20% 18% 30%
Female 37% 14% 11% 37%
White 22% 26% 17% 34%
Black 63% 2% 9% 26%
Hispanic 46% 5% 14% 33%

However, young Gary Johnson supporters just aren’t excited about Johnson.

Enthusiasm: Not all Not very somewhat very
Johnson 18% 41% 30% 9%
Hillary 8% 23% 49% 21%
Trump 3% 28% 33% 36%

But there is a great deal of possible growth for the Libertarian Party in the future. It could become the second largest party among young voters if they played their cards right. Most young people are not strongly aligned with the Republicans or the Democrats.

Not Strong
Independent Not Strong
19% 22% 36% 12% 9%

Most young people will vote.

Lack of enthusiasm doesn’t necessarily mean lower voter turn out. However, there is a large portion of young adults who will definitely not be voting.

definitely voting probably
will vote
50-50 probably
not voting
not voting
47% 14% 15% 9% 13%

Recommendations to Libertarians

Getting young people excited about Gary Johnson and convincing the extra 3% of non-voters to vote may be difficult. While Gary Johnson has a great record, it doesn’t seem to grab the attention of young voters.

However, when he does make public appearance on shows like The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, he does get a uproarious applause when he briefly talks about personal liberty. He does not even have to talk about it in detail. Simply mentioning personal liberty gets the crowd excited.

While suggesting that Gary Johnson concentrate more on personal liberty may not be advice that Gary Johnson himself will follow, down ticket candidates can take up the charge to discuss these issues with young would-be voters and encourage them to vote. If you are interested in helping down ticket candidates engage young voters, you can join the #VoteDifferent community. #VoteDifferent is a positive, energetic force in the liberty movement and is focused on new ideas and activating liberty.

And if you don’t think local politics are exciting enough, connect with young would be voters on technology, gaming, and coding. You could start a coding club or volunteer for an existing club.


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