Can’t Wait for NES Classic

Nintendo has announced that they will release the NES Classic with 30 games in November. This is a great move for Nintendo considering there are already a lot of retro-gaming systems on the market including Sega Genesis, Intellivison, Colleco, and Atarii. The price and number of games may not be competitive considering the Sega Genesis has 80 games and a lower price. However, fans of the original NES will likely still buy it.

They also have to compete with the Raspberry Pi. Some games have made a RetroPi OS for the Raspberry Pi to run numerous emulators. However, the NES emulator even runs on the Raspian OS that you can install with a NOOBS flash card.

While the Raspberry Pi 3 costs only $35, the supply is limited, and you may not be able to purchase it directly from a licensed vendor.  Add the cost of a case, a SD card, a HDMI cable, a USB power supply, and a controller, the total price comes out to be about the same as the cost of the NES Classic. However, you likely have a lot of these items lying around the house.

If you literally cannot wait for the NES Classic to come out, Raspberry Pi may be your best bet. You can also play homebrew NES games such as Basic Championship Wrestling by Chris Dietrich, or put your coding skills to the test in Function by Red Moon Games. Some other games you should check out include Super Painter,  Mineshaft, and Alter Ego.

You can also check out our Mario parody game featuring Mario Lozano from the Harrison County Libertarian Party in Mississippi on Scratch online. [Note, it won’t play on the version of Scratch that comes with the Raspbian OS.] It also features music by The Cooters. Play the game like Gary Johnson campaigns, stomp on Trump and avoid touching Hillary.

You can also add your own levels and enemies. That’s actually what I did. The game was originally made by PaulKoning. Just click See Inside and click Remix.

PaulKonign made custom blocks to make making your levels easy. Just go to the block or enemy you want to add to your level and make a when I receive “next level” event and an if level = the level number and put in createInstance blocks and specify where you want the block or enemy to appear.

For the Trumps, you can specify how far you want the Trump to wander with the third number. For the cannons, you can specify if you want them to shoot left (0) or right (1) with the third number.

You can also look at some of the later levels to see how I used loops to place multiple blocks and randomly placed blocks and enemies in some levels.



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