Yes, Melania Trump probably plagiarized Michelle Obama’s speech. It was probably intentional, but what is the real take back from this? That the Trump campaign is unscrupulous? We already knew that. That’s not news. Why did Donald Trump’s campaign want this repeated ad nauseam in the news cycle? What does this actually say?

Amidst all the hatred and vitrol directed at Democrats throughout the RNC, deep down we share the same values. The same people who cheered at empty attacks towards Hillary Clinton stood up and cheered at Michelle Obama’s words. Politics makes us forget these values and become ugly people that focus on hate and anger.

To top it off, when the Trump staffer took the fall, she referenced the growth mindset in her letter:

“People make innocent mistakes and we learn and grow from these experiences.”

Donald Trump’s entire campaign has been centered around trolling the media, and he’s done and said some despicable things. This is actually one of the best plays I have seen the Trump campaign perform, especially since the troll contains some valuable messages.

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