Don’t Ignore the Angry Bees. Teach Them How to Dance.

I find Seah Johnson’s endorsement for her father refreshing. It is encouraging to see her articulate the principles that I have seen John McAfee, Judd Weiss, Vote Different, James Weeks II, Larry Sharpe and Adam Kokesh embrace.

Under Sell, Over Deliver

This is one of the mantras that I have seen Larry Sharpe post. In a way, you could say that Gary Johnson has followed this mantra in his campaign. Unfortunately, he appears to have applied it to the general election rather than to the primaries. No one can argue that Gary Johnson hasn’t been sincere and honest and demonstrated modesty in his campaign in the general election.

However, it would have been better for the LP had Gary Johnson been undersold in the primaries. This idea that he would be a good proponent of the Libertarian Party based on his experience and credentials has not translated into the most successful Libertarian Party Presidential campaign.

Johnson has squandered many of the few appearances he has made on national television and has demonstrated an inability to use any given topic or issue as a springboard to articulate the principles of liberty. If anything, that should be the one requirement and role of the presidential nominee of the Libertarian Party.

While libertarians may feel the urge to chalk it up to “gotcha” journalism, I would urge you to compare Johnson’s appearances with the ones that Jesse Ventura has made during this election cycle. Whereas Johnson gets tripped up on specifics such as Aleppo and his lack of a favorite world leader, Ventura is able to articulate exactly what he wants to say and  dominate the conversation. While you may chalk this up to wishful thinking on my part, I draw the comparison not to say the LP should have nominated Jesse Ventura, but to give a reference point.

Articulating the principles and ideals of the party is the fundamental role and responsibility of the presidential nominee. Gary Johnson has simply not been able to fulfill that role.

Gary Johnson did not over perform in the general election campaign. He did not fulfill the one essential duty of the position. Both McAfee and Petersen had their own methods to secure television appearances. I could not imagine them squandering those opportunities to the degree Johnson has.

Promote From Within

This is the key element that makes Weld, Johnson’s pick for VP, a huge disappointment. Weld may be socially liberal and fiscally conservative, but he only demonstrates how that is not an adequate way to describe the fundamental values of libertarianism.

Whereas, John McAfee choose a disenfranchised member of the Libertarian Party, Judd Weiss, and encouraged him to dance instead of fume, to be the change and show others how it is done. #VoteDifferent, the continued project of the McAfee/Weiss campaign has been the most inspirational element of this election.

A Better Pollen Dance

Nothing has embodied the dance of the bee with the best pollen in this election cycle as much as the McAfee/Weiss’s vision of “Reimagining a Better World.” Maybe that’s why there’s so many angry bees. They have seen the better pollen. Therefore, they are not happy that the pollen they found had been ignored. At least we now know the reason James Weeks II was dancing: He saw the better pollen.

Hopefully the LP listens to Seah Johnson’s message, reflects on this election to find areas of improvement, and applies those principles in the future.


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