Sugar & Kano

I stumbled accross two interesting beginning coding resources: Kano & Sugar. They both offer interesting apps and collaborative environments for learning to code.


Kano sells a computer kit, which is pretty much a colorful Raspberry Pi kit with stickers, a speaker, and a kid sized keyboard with a touchpad. You may want to shop around for better deals on Raspberry Pi. You can probably find a better quality speaker. You can download the OS for free. You might also be able to install Tor on Kano. Other apps can be installed using sudo apt-get install in the terminal.

Sugarizer (Works with Kano)

If you want to use both on a Raspberry Pi, you may want to use Sugarizer on Chrome. It’s a little bit different and has fewer apps. Sugarizer also works on other devices such as Chromebook and Amazon Fire. Kano comes with Chrome, so it may be the easiest way to run both on a Raspberry Pi. I have had issues with trying to install the Linux/GNU version of Sugar with Kano.

Install Sugar with Berry Boot

You can add Sugar to a Raspberry Pi SD card using Berry Boot. There are other ways listed at However, Berry Boot was the easiest method that I found. It also enables you to install another OS on your SD card (or on a USB stick or on a server).

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