It’s About the Message, Not the Messenger

In the discussion about Melania Trump’s speech, people are missing what is really important, the message. Whether Michelle Obama, Melania Trump, or Will Steger says it, it is still vitally important. It is a valuable lesson to pass on to the next generation and every generation after that. The limit to your achievement is your imagination and your willingness to work towards your dreams. This is something that cannot be said enough. Continue reading

Stop Seeking Approval

After reading “The Libertarian Party Might Survive 2016” by Rob Loggia, I realized the main issue with the nomination of Johnson and Weld. While the mainstream establishment no longer has the support of the people, the moderate wing of the Libertarian Party still seeks the approval of what was the mainstream. Continue reading

Forget the Polls

I know I have been talking about the polls a lot. The point of all those posts was to look at the numbers differently and look for trends others may have missed. However, as John McAfee points out, there’s flaws in traditional polling, and there may be an underrepresented demographic that could alter the results of the election by voting harder. Also, the social media echo chamber may limit the reach of internet polls to an audience that tend to support the same candidate.

Polls are often wrong. A demographic that ordinarily does not go out to vote in droves may decide to #voteDifferent and  upset the delicate balance of Kent‘s precious polling data. Continue reading

Some Truths Are Hard to Accept

[Note: this is not a pro-Trump article. Please read the last 3 paragraphs]

I did not want to admit it, but I have come to realize that Walter Block was correct, Trump is slightly better when it comes to war & peace when compared to Hillary. The fundamental difference between Hillary and Trump on foreign policy is that Trump is focused on America not being ripped off and Hillary is focused on “smart powers.” Continue reading

Pitching the Biggest Tent for Freedom

Some will say, we need to build a bigger tent. We need to be more accepting and moderate. The only criteria should be that they are fed up with the two-party system. [Although Gary and Bill kinda break that rule when they talk about Hillary.]

When it comes to pitching a big tent, no one comes close to Songs of Freedom. It did not matter what a musician’s political views were. If they wanted to sing about freedom, they were on the album. Even if they weren’t even singing about freedom, they were on the album. Songs of Freedom had liberals, conservatives, anarchists, voluntaryists… You name it, it was probably on Songs of Freedom. Continue reading

Be a Human Tire Fire #VoteDifferent

According to Pew Research, most voters do not actually support the candidate they support. They just don’t want the other candidate to win. Only 24% of voters are pro-Clinton. Only 17% of voters are Pro-Trump. This makes Gary Johnson’s 11% seem half-way decent. He’s really only 6 points behind Trump.

Clinton voters Trump Voters
Pro-Clinton Anti-Trump IDK Pro-Trump Anti-Clinton IDK
24 26 1 17 23 1

This is crazily unacceptable. We shouldn’t vote for someone just because we don’t like someone else more. If the anti-Trump people and the Anti-Clinton people both decided they had enough of the 2 Party System and voted 3rd Party, that would be 49% of the vote.

Unfortunately, hate is blinding. Hate is what is keeping the two party system going. The hate is so overwhelming that comedian Sara Benincasa calls people who won’t vote for Clinton human tire fires. Continue reading


Volunteer opportunities are great ways to get your face out there and be an integral part of your community. However, not just any old volunteer opportunity will do. You need to find a volunteer opportunity that you are passionate about. You may also want to find one that gives a hand up instead of a hand out and you’re helping others develop valuable skills that will improve the market economy of the future. Continue reading

A Better Way to Waste Your Vote

Many Johnson supporters state that we should support him because he was the one Libertarian Party [LP] candidate that had a shot at winning. A lot of libertarians did not believe in his message the way that they believed in the message of other candidates, but a lot Libertarians believe it’s important to support Johnson just to support the Party. And then I hear Gary Johnson say, “A wasted vote is voting for someone you don’t believe in” and this is what comes to mind:


This is a great sentiment. However, it doesn’t explain why many people should vote for Gary Johnson. How can they believe in someone they haven’t even Googled yet? Continue reading