A Data Based* Answer to Why the LP hasn’t Taken Off

If you look at the membership and donation data put out by the Libertarian Party [LP] and Google trends, the LP stopped gaining ground when they started running former Republicans instead of principled candidates for President. In short, the LP’s pragmatism has not been pragmatic in building the party. Votes maybe, but party growth itself has stifled. Continue reading

YouTube’s De-Monetization Algorithm

Internet Creator’s Guild published a post on Medium explaining YouTube’s De-Monetization Algorithm. YouTube has been doing this since 2012, but is now being more transparent about the process. While the algorithm does not flag many videos, many of the videos it does flag do not actually fit the criteria and monetization is reinstated upon appeal. The criteria that YouTube provides is vague and not useful in determining what is and is not appropriate for advertisers.

What is Coders for Liberty?

Let me start by saying what we aren’t. We aren’t the Think Tank from The LEGO Movie. We aren’t just a bunch of programmers who will write code for whatever projects that candidates and other people in the liberty-movement want made.

No, we’re Master Builders. We believe if you can imagine it, with a lot of work and perseverance, you can code it. We aren’t an elite club. You don’t have to be an expert coder to join. You don’t even have to be a coder to join. I am not an expert coder. I may actually be “the least qualified person to lead you.”

We don’t want to rob you of the liberating feeling and joy of creating something from your own imagination by coding it for you. We want to help you learn to code, even if it’s only Scratch. We want to use coding as a way to promote entrepreneurial thinking and problem-solving.