When are you starting a club in my area?

The point of Coders for Liberty is to empower you to start your own club and hold your own events. Feel free to check the map to see who else is in your area.

Do I have to be a coder to join?

No, you can take our online training with no prior coding experience. We point you to free coding education resources that we have found helpful in our coding journey.

Do I have to be a libertarian to join?

No, we will still help guide you through your coding journey. If you are interested in learning more about liberty, we will also point you to resources to resources to learn liberty.

Do I need to complete the training in the order listed?

While we do have our reasons for putting the training in the order it is in, you can complete it out of order. While we think it may be easier to start with Scratch and then learn Python, we understand that your learning needs may be different and you may want to focus on learning JavaScript and other web coding first.

I am an experienced coder. Do I really need to take your training? It looks like it is designed for beginners.

While our training is focused on helping beginners learn, there also is an important element of learning collaboration, mentorship, and learning about the different collaborative learning environments that exist online. You should still take the training to learn about these collaborative learning tools.

Your training program is a joke. It’s just links to other websites and videos.

We don’t believe in reinventing the wheel. We believe in learning from everything and everyone. If someone else provides an excellent resource for free, we will let you know about it. We want to focus on developing collaborative skills and mentorship abilities. Scratch, Github, Khan Academy, Google, and Free Code Camp are very collaborative learning environments. We want you to experience working with people outside the liberty movement online so that when you do start your own coding club you will be confident in your outreach abilities. The best way to simulate such an environment is to get you coding in an environment with a lot of non-libertarians.

Why is there so much political nonsense in the news feed when the rest of the site is mostly about coding?

You figured out our secret maniacal plot to market to liberty-minded individuals. It’s all a ploy to get people to visit the site. We hope they stay and learn about coding. We try to make all our posts about applying reason to political discourse and encouraging people to think outside of the box. Outside of the box thinking is required for both coding and understanding liberty.

What is the best IDE, website, laptop, keyboard, language, etc.?

There is no best. All the things have trade-offs that make them better for some purposes and not so great for other purposes. Learn more about this phenomenon in the video below.