Learn Liberty

We encourage you to do your own research and question everything including the following resources. Reflect on what you read. Develop your own philosophy.

Freedom by Adam Kokesh: code4liberty.wordpress.com/freedom We decided to make a web version of this book because the version on thefreedomline.com did not have links to the different sections.

Vote Different: votedifferent.us/better-choices-1 A data base of libertarian candidates. Tell the candidates in your state to update their profile on there. Look at the MN page to see how it is supposed to look. 😉

Libertarian Leadership: libertarianleadership.org Learn to be a more effective activist.

Learn Liberty: learnliberty.com Earn points and trade them in for fabulous prizes as you learn about liberty. Developed by the Institute for Humane Studies at George Mason University.

Stossel in the Classroom: stosselintheclassroom.org While Stossel does not endorse Common Core State Standards, he offers content aligned to the standards.

Prager U: prageru.com Free courses for free minds.

Kurzgesagt: kurzgesagt.org German for “in a nutshell.” Covers a variety of topics. The main focus is science. However, Kurzgesagt does make a number of arguments that support the ideas of liberty.

Americans for Prosperity Foundation: https://americansforprosperityfoundation.org  Offers a Grassroots leadership Academy and courses on financial literacy, lifestyle choices, entrepreneurship, and community building.