The Real Aleppo Gaffe

This isn’t about politics. This is about cognition and the societal biases that interfere with asking questions, and learning from mistakes. Yes, Gary Johnson made an error of thought. However, asking for clarification should not be frowned upon. The gaffe was not made by Johnson but by everyone who judged him for doing what we should all strive to do: seek better understanding. Continue reading

Make that 9%

According to the New York Times, only 9% of Americans voted for Hillary and Trump. Check out their interactive presentation.

Why should 9% of the population dictate to the rest of us that we must pick between these 2 candidates? That seems a bit absurd, especially when the approval ratings for these 2 candidates are so low. Rather, the stipulation should be placed on all of America to take the time to research 3rd party candidates and take them into consideration as well.