The Balanced Rebellion

You may have seen the third party pledge we made. The Balanced Rebellion is a better version of the same idea.

The main argument against voting third party is that it would spoil the election in favor of one candidate or another. However, this argument does not seem to apply to Gary Johnson. The poll data seems to indicate he takes roughly the same amount of votes from both candidates.

If you would have voted for Hillary over Trump but voted for Gary Johnson and if someone else would have voted for Trump over Hillary but voted for Gary Johnson, then the net effect would be neutral for Trump and Hillary and 2 votes for Gary Johnson. That is the basic idea behind The Balanced Rebellion.

What is Coders for Liberty?

Let me start by saying what we aren’t. We aren’t the Think Tank from The LEGO Movie. We aren’t just a bunch of programmers who will write code for whatever projects that candidates and other people in the liberty-movement want made.

No, we’re Master Builders. We believe if you can imagine it, with a lot of work and perseverance, you can code it. We aren’t an elite club. You don’t have to be an expert coder to join. You don’t even have to be a coder to join. I am not an expert coder. I may actually be “the least qualified person to lead you.”

We don’t want to rob you of the liberating feeling and joy of creating something from your own imagination by coding it for you. We want to help you learn to code, even if it’s only Scratch. We want to use coding as a way to promote entrepreneurial thinking and problem-solving.

Johnson Rides Giant Meteor’s Coattails Breaks 2012 Google Trends Ceiling

We spoke:
Gary Johnson listened:
It shows:

Screenshot 2016-08-01 at 10.48.52 AM

It’s probably coincidence. However, Gary Johnson finally broke the 2012 cap in July on Google Trends. Although, he has a ways to go to match Ron Paul.

Screenshot 2016-08-01 at 11.29.55 AM

Better Media

I was going to say that Gary Johnson has been putting out better media, but it might be independent media that is making the better ads I have seen, such as Sharif Matar:

You don’t have to sit back and balk if you don’t like how Johnson is running his campaign. If you’re not happy with the campaign you’re given, forge your own. If you think you can say it better, scream it.   If you just are not feeling the Johnson, you could also support down ticket candidates and help the #VoteDifferent Initiative.

Courting McDaniel

The Mississippi Libertarian Party [MSLP] has been trying to recruit Chris McDaniel for years. Yet even though Republicans are jumping ship after Trump’s nomination, there is still no word from Chris McDaniel that he is considering joining the Libertarian Party [LP]. (Don’t bother searching for “Chris McDaniel joins Libertarian Party.” All you will find is trash.) This is not “something new to think about;” this idea is a dead end. The MSLP needs to forget about Chris McDaniel and try something different and empower its members to be more active and involved the way #VoteDifferent is. Continue reading

You’ve Been Trolled

Yes, Melania Trump probably plagiarized Michelle Obama’s speech. It was probably intentional, but what is the real take back from this? That the Trump campaign is unscrupulous? We already knew that. That’s not news. Why did Donald Trump’s campaign want this repeated ad nauseam in the news cycle? What does this actually say?

Amidst all the hatred and vitrol directed at Democrats throughout the RNC, deep down we share the same values. The same people who cheered at empty attacks towards Hillary Clinton stood up and cheered at Michelle Obama’s words. Politics makes us forget these values and become ugly people that focus on hate and anger.

To top it off, when the Trump staffer took the fall, she referenced the growth mindset in her letter:

“People make innocent mistakes and we learn and grow from these experiences.”

Donald Trump’s entire campaign has been centered around trolling the media, and he’s done and said some despicable things. This is actually one of the best plays I have seen the Trump campaign perform, especially since the troll contains some valuable messages.

It’s About the Message, Not the Messenger

In the discussion about Melania Trump’s speech, people are missing what is really important, the message. Whether Michelle Obama, Melania Trump, or Will Steger says it, it is still vitally important. It is a valuable lesson to pass on to the next generation and every generation after that. The limit to your achievement is your imagination and your willingness to work towards your dreams. This is something that cannot be said enough. Continue reading